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Tools for Automating AWS Reviews Become Integrated

A tool from nOps that automates the process for conducting reviews of application deployments on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud has now been integrated with an AWS Well-Architected Tool that many IT teams employ to manually conduct these reviews.

AWS has defined a Well-Architected Framework designed to encourage IT teams to build secure and resilient application workloads that make efficient use of cloud infrastructure. AWS as part of that effort created an AWS Well-Architected Tool to enable IT teams to generate reports that could be submitted to AWS. Organizations that achieve the goals laid out by AWS are eligible for free cloud credits.

Gary Gerber

The results of the automated reviews provided by nOps can now manifest themselves in the AWS Well-Architected Tool via an application programming interface (API) that AWS created. That capability will make it simpler for AWS channel partners to streamline the output of reviews they conduct on behalf of their clients into the tool that AWS requires customers to employ to qualify for free credits, says Gary Gerber, head of product marketing at nOps.

AWS is encouraging IT organizations to conduct a review every 90 days or any time a workload is updated, notes Gerber. The primary reason most organizations don’t conduct such reviews today is in the absence of tools to automate the process because they previously required a lot of time and effort.

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“It’s a hugely manual process,” says Gerber.

Partners can also employ a nOps templates generator to create their AWS Well-Architected Framework Review reports. They can customize the report layout and insert marketing or services blocks along with the findings surfaced by a nOps auto-discovery tool. Those templates can then be exported to AWS Well-Architected Framework Review reports.

Partners and their clients can also employ an nOps custom rules engine to create queries in addition to being able to embed custom rules in, for example, dashboards, reports, and email notifications.

The API created by AWS was made available as part of an AWS Well-Architected Tool Partner Integration Program it joined in 2019. At the same time, nOps has revealed it has integrated its assessment tool with Jira Cloud and Jira workspaces and synchronize issues. Partners can identify high-risk issues (HRIs), create and update issues, add comments, and change statuses. A resources function makes it possible to group a list of tickets.

Interest in all forms of cloud optimization has, of course, risen sharply since the economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic began. Ingram Micro has even built a practice for conducting reviews on behalf of partners using the nOps tools. The opportunity partners now have to provide objective assessments of cloud deployments based on best practices defined by AWS that clients are more likely to trust.

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