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Ingram Micro Allies with nOps on AWS Expertise

Ingram Micro Cloud this week announced it has allied with nOps to help partners build a practice around a framework for conducting reviews of cloud computing deployments using a set of best practices defined by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The goal is to make it simpler for partners to uncover issues that are adversely impacting a cloud computing environment that they can then remediate on behalf of their customers.

Kevin Kareth

AWS created a Well Architected Framework that provides a set of guidelines for optimizing cloud computing environments in terms of both application performance and total cost. AWS via this effort is hoping to reduce the number of customer incidents it needs to dispatch support personnel to resolve. Customers that participate in this review process are given credits that can be employed to reduce their costs or run additional applications.

Ingram Micro via tools provided by nOps will provide partners with train partners to conduct those reviews or will provide the personnel required as a white-label service, says Kevin Kareth, director of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) for Ingram Micro Cloud.

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The cloud management framework provided by nOps addresses everything from change management and cost optimization to configuration and compliance. This latest offering from Ingram Micro extends the range of AWS services that the distributor already makes available to partners that may not have a deep technical bench when it comes to AWS, adds Kareth.

“Managing AWS is not easy,” says Kareth. “They can look to us for the knowledge.”

Randy Newell

The same essential framework for optimizing cloud environments that was created by AWS is also being adopted by Microsoft, says Randy Newell, chief marketing officer for nOps. That makes Well-Architected potentially a broader industry framework for building, assessing and managing cloud infrastructure, notes Newell.

Partners can also employ the nOps tools to keep track of when customers spin up new cloud services, adds Newell.

“We’re building in AWS smarts,” says Newell.

It may take a while for channel partners to acquire that expertise, but the payoff promises to be high once end customers begin to appreciate how much it benefits them.

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