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Chanel Happy Hour Episode 351: Channel Climb

Things We Talk About:

  • MSPs Gain Momentum
  • Intel Signals Aggressive Push
  • VMware Makes Digital Workspace Case
  • HubSpot Adds Operations Hub
  • Salesforce Goes Vertical
  • Loft Labs Open Sources K8 Virtualization Software
  • Trend Micro Revamps Channel Program
  • Palo Alto Networks Integrates Asset Discovery
  • WhiteSource Acquires Diffend
  • HackerOne Adds Hackers to Security Workflows

Welcome to The Channel Happy Hour, Episode 351, recorded on April 26th, 2021. From Channel Happy Hour Headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, I’m Mike Vizard.

And I’m Frank Ohlhorst from the New York.

The Primary Target

Are you confident that you can protect your customers from today’s sophisticated email-borne threats?

As the MSP-dedicated business unit of Barracuda Networks, Barracuda MSP enables IT managed service providers to offer multi-layered security and data protection services to their customers. To learn more about Barracuda MSP’s layer of email security visit today!


MSPs Gain Momentum

Demand for IT services accelerates as economy recovers

And Then This

Intel Signals Aggressive Push

Intel signals aggressive market share push in wake of improved Q1

VMware Makes Digital Workspace Case

VMware Makes Case for Digital Workspace Suite

HubSpot Adds Operations Hub

HubSpot adds Operations Hub to drive revenue ops shift

Salesforce Goes Vertical

Salesforce Introduces Digital 360 for Industries

Loft Labs Open Sources K8 Virtualization Software

Loft Labs Makes K8s Virtualization Software Open Source

Sign Right Up (Partner News)

Trend Micro Revamps Channel Program

Trend Micro Revamps Channel Program


Palo Alto Networks Integrates Cloud Asset Discovery Tool

Palo Alto Networks Tightens Integration with Asset Discovery Tool

Rumors, Moves, Surprises and Acquisitions

WhiteSource Acquires Diffend

WhiteSource Acquires Diffend to Secure Open Source Supply Chains

Debates and Rants

Can You Trust a Hacker?

HackerOne Brings Hackers Into Cybersecurity Workflows

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