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Channel Happy Hour Episode 350: COVID Courageous

Things We Talk About:

  • Digital Transformations in Doubt
  • Microsoft Acquires Nuance Communications
  • NVIDIA Makes Case for GPUs, CPUs and DPUs
  • Open Grid Alliance Forms
  • Docker, Inc. Adds M1 Support
  • Atrium Raises $13.5M
  • 1Password to Automate Secrets Management
  • The Trouble with DevOps

Welcome to The Channel Happy Hour, Episode 350, recorded on April 19th, 2021. From Channel Happy Hour Headquarters in Boca Raton, I’m Mike Vizard.

And I’m Charlene O’Hanlon, chief content officer for MediaOps, publisher of DevOps, Container Journal, Security Boulevard, Digital Anarchist and

Primary Target

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Digital Transformations in Doubt

Survey Finds Digital Transformation Outcomes in Doubt

MSPs gain digital business transformation ground

Zoho Looks to Democratize Workflows

Rumors, Moves, Surprises, and Acquisitions

Microsoft Acquires Nuance Communications

Why Microsoft’s new AI acquisition is a big deal

And Then This

NVIDIA Makes Case for GPUs, CPUs and DPUs

NVIDIA Makes Case for Tighter Integration Across GPUs, DPUs, and CPUs

Open Grid Alliance Forms

Open Grid Alliance aims to support cloud computing at the edge

Docker, Inc. Adds M1 Support

Docker Inc. Brings Desktop Dev Tools to M1-Based Macs

Sign Right Up (Partner News)

Sales Management Platform Gets Cash Infusion

Sales management platform Atrium raises $13.5M to surface insights with AI


1Password to Automate Secrets Management

1Password Extends Encryption to Automate Secrets Management

Debates and Rants

Trouble with DevOps

Survey Shows Mounting DevOps Frustration and Costs

And that’s a wrap. Thank you for listening to our show.

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We will see you next time.

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