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AppNeta Launches Channel Program for Remote Monitoring Platform

AppNeta this week launched a Global Alliances channel partner program to spur the adoption of its namesake remote monitoring platform at a time when many IT organizations lack visibility into the wireless and wired networks their end users are employing to access applications from home.

As part of that effort, the company also appointed John Tewfik, an eight-year AppNeta veteran, to be its director of global alliances.

John Tewfik

AppNeta is looking to partner with solution providers that want to resell its software as well as managed service providers (MSPs) that may need greater visibility into a highly heterogeneous networking environment that stretches all the into home computing environments.

The AppNeta platform is based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform through which IT teams gain visibility into network metrics and statistics using a packet dispersion technology dubbed TruPath. Armed with that data it then becomes possible to reverse engineer how any given network path is impacting application performance.

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IT teams have, of course, been monitoring remote offices for years. The AppNeta approach extends remote monitoring to any home office to determine the root cause of an issue. That’s critical because with more employees working from home the level of network bandwidth that is made available in different regions by service providers can vary widely.

The company currently has roughly more than 20 active partners, which Tewfik would like to expand as organizations increasingly come to terms with the new fluid reality of managing IT in the age of the COVD-19 pandemic. Even after a COVID-19 vaccine is widely distributed the number of organizations that will require employees to work full time in an office will be sharply reduced. In effect, every home has become a remote office that requires IT support.

Channel partners that participate in the AppNeta program don’t necessarily have to understand every use case scenario, but they do need to appreciate the business value of the flexibility that remote working enables for the customer. “They don’t need to know every capability,” says Tewfik.

It’s hard to say to what degree organizations will have an added emphasis on remote monitoring in 2021. However, at a time when the only way to get a customer’s attention may be to focus on an immediate pain point they are currently experiencing, there may be no better topic for starting a conversation an end customer actually wants to have.

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