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Camunda Adds Formal Channel Program for BPM Platform

Camunda, a provider of an open source platform for building custom business processes based on Java, has launched a formal global channel program dubbed Camunda Connect to enable partners to drive digital business transformation initiatives.

Digital business transformation initiatives typically come in two forms. The most widely employed usually involves some form of a packaged application based on a set of best practices that have been coded into, for example, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. That approach usually lowers costs by eliminating the need to support a custom application that doesn’t provide an organization with any meaningful differentiated business value.

Christiana Christenson

The second class of digital business transformation initiatives revolve around a set of capabilities that an organization is attempting to code into a custom application in the hopes of creating a sustainable competitive edge. Camunda provides an extensible business process management (BPM) platform that makes it easier to build those applications using a set of visual tools to construct workflows.

Camunda already has relationships with more than 100 partners. The Camunda Connect program adds a partner enablement initiative spanning marketing and sales tools, access to technical resources, training and demo software environments. The company is looking to drive more business through existing partners while at the same time increasing the size of its channel by about 50%, says Christiana Christenson, vice president of global partners for Camunda.

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Unlike rival vendors that have large professional services teams, Camunda is totally dependent on channel partners, adds Christenson. “We do not implement our software,” she says.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic the focus on business processing reengineering has never been greater. It’s not clear to what degree organizations will be relying on custom code to achieve those goals. However, it’s safe to say that anything that promises to give an organization a truly unique capability that rivals can’t easily replicate almost always involves custom software built and deployed in collaboration with an IT services provider.

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