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Pax8 Advances SaaS App Management

Pax8 this week launched a Pax8 Pro platform that makes it simpler for channel partners to manage the lifecycle of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications on behalf of their customers.

The platform extends the scope of the automation capabilities the distributor of cloud applications has been offering partners to span the entire ordering process, including user creation and the assignment of licenses.

Michael Dehmlow

It also integrated with professional services automation (PSA) platforms through which partners can assign sites and locations to their personnel.

Pax8 Pro also enables channel partners to auto-create business proposals, running security and licensing scans and a set of reporting tools.

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Those reporting tools make it simpler for channel partners to identify licenses that might be at risk because end users are not accessing the application as often as expected, says Michael Dehmlow, chief operating officer for Pax8.

That issue has become especially concerning in the wake of the economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Reporting tools make it easier for partners to identify customers that might not be accessing applications as frequently, which Dehmlow notes is a sure sign a company might be struggling.

Those reporting tools also enable channel partners to operate more efficiently as they built out managed services around SaaS applications, adds Dehmlow.

“The devil is always in the details,” says Dehmlow.

The number of SaaS applications that most organizations rely on has increased since the start of the pandemic because they make it simpler for employees to work from home. Now many of those organizations are constructing business processes and workflows that span multiple SaaS applications. As the number of SaaS applications employed increases, some organizations are now looking to employ a set of best practices, sometimes known as SaaSOps, to manage them.

In the absence of having those skills themselves, many of those same organizations are naturally looking to managed service providers (MSPs) for help. Once organizations make that transition, the chances they will return to managing IT the way they did prior to the pandemic are, of course, slim to none.

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