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Tintri Consolidates Storage Channel Programs

Tintri this week announced it has consolidated its channel programs in the wake of a spate of merger and acquisition activity over the last two years.

The company currently operates as a subsidiary of DataDirect Networks (DDN), which gained control over Tintri when the company was auctioned to the highest bidder in 2018. Prior to that move, DDN had also acquired the IntelliFlash business of Western Digital. After acquiring Tintri, DDN also bought Nexanta.

Paul Repice

The separate channel programs that had been created for each of those storage platforms is now being unified under a program led by Paul Repice, vice president of sales and channel for Tintri, that continues to expand.

Tintri claims that since it added a partner portal last May new partner registration has increased 550%, with roughly 80% of new partners having closed deals involving new customers.

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“There’s been a lot of opportunities involving new customer logos,” says Repice.

The updated channel program adds elements of all the existing channel programs to streamline deal registration, guarantee margins, provides incentives and discounts along with access to leads, marketing campaigns, training and support.

Jay Leone

Conventional wisdom holds that selling on-premises storage systems during a lockdown that caused many organizations to shift data to the cloud would be a major challenge. Much of the success Tintri has seen during the pandemic can be attributed to the ability of its platforms to support remote access at a time when many organizations are implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, says Jay Leone, senior director of channel and strategic alliances at Tintri. IT teams working from home require tools that allow them to easily manage storage systems remotely, adds Leone.

The advanced analytics tools based on machine learning algorithms that Tintri makes available also enable IT organizations to substantially reduce storage costs, adds Leone. The economic downturn brought on by the pandemic is driving organizations to shift toward platforms that sharply reduce their overall spending on IT, notes Leone.

“That requires access to analytics tools,” says Leone.

Tintri claims customers can see up to a 95% reduction in storage management overhead and an up to 50% reduction in capital expenses. Overall, Tintri claims to have 10,000 customers, including 20% of the organizations that make up the Fortune 100 list.

It’s hard to predict what percentage of workloads will continue to run in on-premises IT environments once the pandemic eventually subsides. What is certain is there will be a lot more focus on making sure those IT environments are as economically efficient as possible.

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