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IGEL Launches Technology Partner Program

IGEL this week launched an IGEL Ready technology partner program through which more than 90 companies, including Microsoft and Zoom, have certified their offerings to run on an operating system for endpoints that comes with built-in connectivity to cloud services.

Based on a lightweight read-only instance of the Ubuntu distribution of Linux from Canonical, IGEL OS comes with secure built-in remote display protocols that make it simpler to access a wide variety of cloud applications.

Jed Ayres

End users via any 64-bit x86 device can connect to any cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure or virtualization services offered by Citrix or VMware. All those connections can then be centrally managed via a single interface.

The IGEL Ready program provides partners with certified reference architectures for a broad range of use cases involving IGEL OS, says IGEL CEO Jed Ayres.

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Those reference architectures are crucial because end customers are coming to terms with a new normal, added Ayres. Even once more employees start to return to the office, Ayres says it’s apparent employees will be working from home much more often as part of social distancing strategies intended to limit the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the plus side, however, most organizations have already proven they have employees work from home without sacrificing productivity, adds Ayres.

“In a lot of ways this has been a grand experiment,” says Ayres.

The opportunity for partners is to now help end customers put the infrastructure and management tools in place that will be needed to take working remotely to the next level, notes Ayres.

There are, of course, no shortage of options when it comes to remote computing. The challenge partners will face is determining which approaches provide the highest level of security in a way that doesn’t hamper end user productivity. IGEL is clearly betting that with the help of 90 technology partners it can help partners make that case.

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