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DataBank Adds TBI as Master Agent for Hosting Services

DataBank, a provider of managed hosting services, this week announced it has added TBI as a master agent for its services.

The provider of IT infrastructure, security and compliance services operates 20 data centers in nine regional geographies such as Dallas, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Pittsburg and Cleveland.

Bill Pratt

DataBank is relying more on channel partners to sell those services is markets that tend to be underserved by global hyperscale providers or to customers that require higher levels of support, says Bill Pratt, vice president of channel and managed services for DataBank.

Providers of managed hosting services and public cloud services are benefiting alike from a shift away from reliance on local data centers that has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As organizations realize they might not be able to access those data centers during a lockdown, many workloads are being shifted to the cloud.

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In some cases, that shift is toward a public cloud while other organizations prefer to rely on a managed hosting service that provides access to dedicated IT infrastructure resources in a data center that is closer to where their applications are primarily consumed. In fact, as applications become more distributed many IT organizations are relying on a wider mix of public clouds and dedicated hosting services.

“Times are a changing,” says Pratt.

The DataBank facilities also provide network connectivity services to public clouds to facilitate the deployment of hybrid cloud applications, adds Pratt.

Channel partners enable DataBank to broaden the level of support that can be provided to customers, many of which Pratt notes have unique security and compliance requirements.

It may be a while before the full extent of the flight away from local data centers is fully determined. However, for organizations looking for a middle ground between a public cloud and a local data center a managed hosting service is clearly becoming a more attractive alternative.

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