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Talend Launches Technology Alliance Initiative

Talend has launched a technology alliance program as part of an effort to make it simpler for partners to craft solutions that combine the company’s application and data integration software and services with third-party offerings.

At the core of the Talend Technology Alliance program is two open source development tool kits. Talend Component Kit (TCK) is used to create read/write connectors and data processing components for Talend Cloud. is used to create read connectors, called Singer taps, that can be used with Talend’s Stitch Data Loader to easily ingest data into cloud data warehouses and data lakes. Talend acquired Stitch last year as part of an effort to add a set of self-service visual tools that make it easier to load large amounts of data.

Mike Pickett

By making it easier for third-party technology vendors to leverage Talend to access data into the cloud the opportunities for partners participating in the Talend channel program should expand, says Mike Pickett, vice president of business development and ecosystems for Talend. One of the main goals of the program is to encourage technology vendors participating in the program to encourage their partners to leverage Talend software, says Pickett.

“It’s one of the first topics we discuss with them,” says Pickett.

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Talend Cloud is a managed instance of a set of open source application and data integration offerings that have been widely adopted as an alternative to proprietary platforms.

Less clear is the degree to which partners will prefer to rely on a managed service provided by Talend versus employing open source software to create their own managed service remains to be seen. In many cases, however, channel partners simply don’t have the expertise required to build and maintain such a platform on their own.

Regardless of the path chosen to achieve their integration goals, the one thing that is clear is that demand for application and data integration services expertise has never been greater.

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