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Cavirin Launches Channel Program Focusing on Security and Compliance

A lot of IT organizations are struggling with cybersecurity and compliance simply because in the age of the cloud they are not entirely sure what policies are being applied to what workloads when and where. To help IT organizations address that issue Cavirin developed the Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence Solution capable of assessing the cybersecurity and compliance risks associated with deploying an application workload on any given platform.

Tom Hance

Cavirin this week, for the first time, launched a Cavirin Connect Partner Program aimed at rewarding partners that resell the company’s software. The first partners to participate in that global program include Astadia, Bodega Technologies, InterVision, Lite Distribution, Logicworks, Scalar, Titans Security and Veristor.

At the core of the Cavirin Connect Partner Program is a deal registration application based on a channel automation platform developed by Allbound, says Tom Hance, vice president of worldwide sales for Cavirin. That approach makes it simple for partners to register a deal in less than 15 minutes, says Hance. On top of that platform Cavirin is also making available a variety of sales enablement tools, adds Hance.

Partners can enjoy margins as high as 35 percent in the top tier of the Cavirin program in addition to taking advantage of a RESTful application programming interface (API) to drive additional services opportunities.

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Channel partners can deploy Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence Solution either as a managed service or simply resell it to complement existing managed services.

“There are MSPs (managed service providers) that do both,” says Hance.

Most organizations are still in the early days of implementing formal multi-cloud computing strategies. But most organizations already know that any number of rogue application workloads are likely to have already been deployed in public clouds. Concerns about both potential fines relating to regulatory requirements in addition to the overall cybersecurity resiliency of that workload are keeping many IT leaders up at night. The degree to which channel partners can at very least identify the level of risk associated with those workloads should create a unique opportunity to have additional conversations about the rest of where that organization’s cloud computing strategy is heading next.

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